Bring on 2018

After a pretty rough year and forced time off due to breaking my leg. the year ended up pretty busy.

4 months of recovery time gave me time to get everything up to date and ready for my online live show and broadcasting projects, farm YouTube videos and to set up our live on farm events.

The last 2 years broadcasting was fun, but it was time to expand it to get it out there.

The plan was to boost the level and quality of broadcasting and to build the audience to a sustainable level before doing the live events, but with the support from our PATREON PATRONS we have been able to push it all forward and OCTOBER saw our first on farm Patrons only event.

With the weather against us the day was a huge success.

Thank you too all of our PATRONS and SPONSORS for helping turn a disaster of a year into a very productive one.

we are looking towards 2018 in a whole new way with PATRON events, more original music being released, live broadcasting, special shows, monthly giveaways, patron trips and heaps more.

To be a part of everything all you need to do is become a PATRON

the amount you pay to subscribe starts at $1 but is fully up to you and you can change or opt out at any time.

your support helps me push forward on all the projects and gets you directly involved, sneak peaks, exclusive content and invited to the events.

Please click the link below for more info or to become a PATRON






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